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dancers wearing knitted sweaters on the beach

As we evolve more spiritually, we realize that there is a profound layer in us that is untouched and that is what makes us consume, waste and treat everything as if it has no value. We realize that when connecting deeper to the whole process of making wool, from sheep farming to making clothes, we connect more to nature, to the animal gifting us with wool, to our primordial instincts. THE ANIMAL IN US is always there to remind us that nature permanently tends towards balance. And when it doesn't, it creates conflict, our animal reacts and we create conflict outside of ourselves. This balance, we see it as the infinite space between Yin and Yang, the masculine and the feminine, men and women, opposites floating together. This is what we envisioned with the diamonds bound together knitted on the sweaters. The diamond symbol is first inspired from the Romanian renowned sculpture the “Endless Column” by Constantin Brancusi. The diamonds remind us to go inwards, endlessly, we are interconnected holding both opposite energies. Allowing these energies to flow within in an infinite dance…will help keep our connection with nature in balance. To tell this story in a way that brings together all these thoughts, we created a visual, a dance with the natural fabric of wool, filmed at the Black Sea and accompanied by a beautiful Romanian song. 

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Credits: Roxana (choreo), Roxana, Adela and Claudian (dancers), George (photo/video), Alexandra (creative direction), Subcarpati (music)

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