Conscious knitwear. Timeless. Unisex.

We are slow fashion and carefully create knitwear made 100% of wool responsibly sourced from Romanian farms.

Romania is losing wool from about 75% of farms. 

Our mission is to empower local farmers and preserve the traditions of transhumance.


Our knitwear is designed with circularity in mind, using a mono-material design approach which contributes to a sustainable fashion industry.

Who is ISAI

ISAI read backwards is the name of our home, Iasi. A place in Romania where mother Elena, lifetime passionate of hand knitting, and daughter Alexandra, highly conscious about our connection with nature, wanted to preserve the tradition of knitting to create long-lasting designs from 100% Romanian wool.


Wool is an amazing natural fabric and it is 100% biodegradable and our yarn is 100% reusable and recyclable.


Although knitting is not a foreign practice nowadays and transhumance is still present in Romanian traditions, due to industrialization and hampered agricultural practices, wool has been no longer a source of income for small-sized farms.


In December 2021 we launched a capsule of sweaters called The Journey Is Inwards, in two color ways, to scale up from our first ever handmade knitwear which initially was an Etsy shop. This capsule was designed with a professional team in Amsterdam and the garment produced in a family factory in Portugal. The yarn is made in Romania and then transported to Portugal by truck.


Though no prior experience with fashion design, we chose our partners well to deliver a durable and high quality garment. We have extensive background in operations, business management and sustainability and a family history long passion for knitwear. We pay attention to all the details from yarn to packaging.